Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Birmingham

We are heading down to Birmingham today after work for Keely's first Christmas. She will get to meet Eva for the first time and hopefully we get to see other friends and family while we are in town. Last weekend we went back to Asheville to go to see the Biltmore house. We had a great time and made it through 2 floors before Keely decided it was time to leave. Here are some pictures.

(some people think I look like my Daddy)
We hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Decorations

We finally got the Christmas trees up and the decorations out. Keely will be 4 months next week. Here are some pictures that we took of her last night under the tree.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Keely enjoyed her first Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Even though she was not feeling well she still had a good time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lil Pumpkin

After 4 days in Daycare Keely got her first cold on Saturday and is still at home.

Sunday she dressed up in pumpkin outfit and we went to the pumpkin patch.

All she wants to do these days is try to sit up on her own. Below are some pictures in her Bumbo chair that helps her sit on her own.

Keely not feeling so good in her Candy Corn PJs

Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to work....

I had to start back to work on the 8th and Keely had her first day at daycare on the 14th. Ga Ga kept her for few days which helped me transition back to work. Luckily it was more traumatic for me than it was for Keely. She is the youngest in her class right now which means she gets a lot of attention. She seems to like it pretty well and is adjusting quickly. I have a lot more time now that I am back at work which is why I have finally updated this for the first time in a couple of months.

Here is a picture after her first day at Park Road Baptist.

The First Trip down South to B'ham

We had a packed weekend when we down to Birmingham. First we went to Joe's soccer game, met Lee and Henry, had dinner with Jennifer and Travis, had Keely's first photo shoot with Joe and Josh, went to Crystal's house to meet up with friends and watch the Bama game, and finished it off with Joe's 7th Birthday.

It wore poor Keely out

Her favorite new toy is this old bouncer that has probably been recalled.


Keely's First Trip

Keely's first trip was to Asheville, NC. We went to the Biltmore Gardens (which she slept through while I carried her in her sling)

Then we had a picnic and she enjoyed laying on the blanket with Anil and kicking her feet.

8 weeks old

Here are a couple of pictures when she was 8 weeks old.

Keely is starting to get her Daddy's dimples. You can see one on her right cheek when she smiles now.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Mom and dad are so excited that we have found a babysitter for Keely. We look forward to dinners out on the town.

Roll Tide!!!!

Keely's first Bama game was a memorable experience. She was excited all day and had a great night. She will be asking her uncle Kumar for a Mark Ingram jersey. Also thanks to Clemson she won't be scared of "thunder and lightening". Roll Tide!

Labor Day Weekend

Keely finally got to meet her other cousin Josh. Josh is going to be a big boy. Big Papi has already negotiated a deal to be Josh's agent once he goes pro. Big Papi will be recording Terrence Cody footage for Josh to watch one day.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whitewater Center

Keely has really gotten into the Olympics. Here she is training at the US National Whitewater Center. Look out Olympics 2028!!!

Hospital Pictures

Here are Keely's hospital pictures.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Roll Tide

The start of football season is less than a month away so Keely dressed up in her vintage Bama shirt and posed with Big Al to celebrate.

She will be 3 weeks on Wednesday and I can't believe how fast it has gone by. She still hasn't quite adjusted to sleeping at night but she has a few good nights mixed in with some bad ones.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

1 week old

All dressed up for her first visit with Dr. Shulstad

Time does fly by ... Keely is already one week old. She is starting to settle into a routine. During the day she sleeps, eats, and poops and at night much of the same with a lot less sleeping. Anil has started back to work today but Ga Ga is still up here helping out. We also want to thank everyone for all the flowers, gifts, visits and prayers.
Here are some pictures from yesterday of Keely and Daddy playing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 4 - Homecoming

Today Keely made her homecoming. She was greeted by an unusually large stork and even more family.

The large stork...

With Uncle Ashley

With Uncle Kumar

With crazy Uncle Jeff, mommy, and Uncle Jonathan

Keely with her cousin Joe

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 3

Keely decided to keep the party going late last night so today was a lot of sleeping which I think means another night of partying. We will get it worked out...

With Grandma

With Ga Ga

With Grandpa

With Ga Ga Daddy